BrandingTiktok Infinity Loop, AI Email Marketing And First-Party-Data

Tiktok Infinity Loop, AI Email Marketing And First-Party-Data

Recent marketing trends indicating short form content will continue to rise. AI will become invaluable in reaching customers like never before and the adoption of retargeting through first-party-data will be imperative. 

Your digital marketing strategy for 2023 presents ample opportunity to stay ahead of the market. 

So without further ado, here are Agency Jean’s January insights for all those brands ready to embrace the changes for 2023!

Google’s Discontinuation Of Cookies; First-Party-Data Strategies Will Become Vital

Lizzie Robinson | Managing Director

A major change looming on the horizon is the discontinuation of cookies for Chrome browsers. This follows the footsteps of Apple who did the same with IOS. The impact will be felt, as Chrome has 65% market share of internet browsers. 

Whilst the death of third-party cookies is crucial in eradicating concerns regarding privacy and data security, this will have a severe impact on businesses reliant on the data collected. 

Ad-tech companies, data brokers, digital marketing agencies, online retailers and social media platforms are all heavily dependent on third-party data to succinct audiences and create personalised targeting strategies. 

But the future is not dim. For those willing to embrace the change, now presents an opportunity for brands to become explorative in new ways to target their audiences and retarget their ads.

Widespread Adoption Of Zero-Party Data Methods

Not all hope is lost! Brands are able to derive highly valuable data from their audiences by adopting more zero-party, or first party data methods. 

Collecting zero party data is beneficial for businesses as it can tell them about their audiences preferences, behaviours and demographics. The ways in which businesses can go about gathering this information is extensive. Think interactive content; quizzes, questionnaires, surveys etc. Lets not forget, brands will still have full access to data derived from behaviours or actions taken across their websites; these include customer purchase history.

Tiktok’s Infinite Loop; A Unique Path For Retail Purchase

Jemma Giovannucci | Head Of Socials

If you’re still a brand wondering how effective Tiktok is for marketing, this is the wake up call for you. Tiktok has evolved how we shop. They have paved the way for the future of marketing by taking a step away from the linear purchase path we are all used to. 

Tiktok’s infinite loop isn’t just referring to the cyclical nature of Tiktok’s video consumption, but describes the unique retail path to purchase journey

A recent global study conducted with Material by Tiktok found TikTok’s retail path to purchase is undefined by a starting and ending point. It involves a series of stages of the retail journey; discovery, consideration, review, participation. 

What makes this unique retail journey so valuable is shoppers can at any opportunity enter the infinite loop.

Action Taken By Consumers And Brands

The driving force behind TikTok’s cyclical retail journey is it relies entirely on the desire of the consumers to participate; learn, discover and create. 

Brands as well TikTokers, must be willing to participate. The same study revealed 44% of everyday TikTok users want brands to also create fun and entertaining content experiences

If you’re still not convinced of how TikTok has changed marketing, the ‘TikTok Made Me Buy It’ movement is so powerful, Amazon has now included a page ‘the latest to go viral’ to mimic the trends in TikTok products. Even retail stores such as Mecca have a dedicated beauty stand specifically for showcasing TikTok trending products. 

The best thing about the TikTok movement is you don’t have to have the latest product to find a space to present your magic.

A great example of a recent TikTok case study is Revlon’s Super Lustrous Gloss Shine Lipstick. This Tiktok trend started by content creator Catherine Abreau and was captioned ‘if a lipgloss and a lipstick had a baby’. The shade Rum Raisin has and continues to be sold out across stores globally. 

So if there is one integral piece of marketing advice we can leave you with for 2023, it’s to get on board with TikTok.

Artificial Intelligence To Inform Email Marketing Strategies

Eloise Ditchfield | Digital Marketing Co-Ordinator

Email marketing continues to be one of the most valuable communication avenues, as it reaches a large audience in their private sphere. 

If your email marketing efforts have a high turnover rate of unsubscription or marking as ‘spam’, then it’s likely your campaign strategy is invasive and not respectful of your recipients privacy. 

Artificial Intelligence; AI, is becoming an important tool for marketers as it allows them to better understand and target their audience. This, in turn, allows them to efficiently and effectively curate their marketing campaigns. 
It is estimated AI to inform email marketing will increase by $1.2 trillion year on year. Currently, 49% of marketers have begun adopting automation into email marketing campaigns.

How Can AI Email Assistant Change Email Marketing

There are a number of ways AI can be used for email marketing. These include:

  1. Predictive analysis – AI is able to predict customer behaviour and preferences more efficiently through their analysis of large types of data. They can use this data to create more informed email marketing campaigns and strategies. 
  2. Automation – AI can analyse and categorise extensive data which can save businesses time and resources. AI can also generate personalised subject lines and email body. This can inform the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and automate repetitive tasks. 
  3. Personalisation – perhaps the most valuable element of any marketing campaign. Personalised emails capture target audiences attention, and lead to stronger customer relationships as they feel understood. They have demonstrated to have a higher open, click through rate and ultimately lead to greater conversions. 
  4. Optimisation – by being able to analyse extensive large data sets, AI can create informed predictions and recommendations for improved effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns. Improving customer experience. 

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