BrandingRetention Strategies, First-Party Data, Micro Events + More!

Retention Strategies, First-Party Data, Micro Events + More!

Make Some Noise For Instagram Broadcast Channel; The Ultimate Announcement Board For Brands To Connect With Followers

Jemma Giovannucci | Head Of Socials

On February 16th, Meta announced the exciting new feature of Instagram Broadcast Channels allowing creators to deliver direct messages to their fans and followers. This innovative new feature offers brands an opportunity to create exclusive member content and add value to their channels, making it a huge win for social media marketing campaigns. 

Brands can use this feature in a variety of ways, including promoting new blog posts, offering exclusive flash sales, conducting polls to better understand their audience, create voice memos and create behind-the-scenes moments…the options are endless

It will be interesting to see what happens in the course of the next few months as it begins to roll out more widely. Will creators be jumping on the bandwagon and adopting this new feature as part of their Instagram routines? Watch this space to find out!

Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More With These Must-Have Retention Flows

Laura Moody | Senior Graphic Designer

Are you solely focused on acquiring new customers and neglecting existing clients? It’s time to break the cycle and prioritise retention marketing.

Retention marketing is crucial for establishing long-term clientele, building strong relationships with existing customers, increasing loyalty and lifetime value, and reducing the cost of acquiring new customers. It’s 5% more expensive to acquire new ones than it is to retain existing ones. Meanwhile, existing customers have a 60-70% chance of buying from you again, compared to only 5-20% chance with new customers.
Just by prioritising retention of your existing customers, you can increase profits by 95% with just a 5% increase in retention rate.

Maximise Customer Lifetime Value With Effective Retention Email Marketing

Post-purchase email sequences are a great way to show customers that you’re attentive to ensuring they have a good customer service experience. A ‘thank you’ email has an estimated 65% open rate, 10.4% CTA and 1.4% CVR, offering plenty of opportunities to ask for feedback, provide reviews, and encourage reordering. Take full advantage of this opportunity by asking for customer experience feedback, providing reviews and putting in the groundwork for a reorder. 

Replenish email strategies have the fourth-highest average revenue per email sentWith most products having a consumption timeline, perfecting the time delay and creating a repeat nurture sequence is a great way to close the deal. 
To entice customers to make repeat purchases, create feeling of urgency and to automate their product replenishments. ‘Purchase now before you run out’, creating that sense of immediacy. To show real customer value, we recommend giving trying some incentives including free shipping, a small gift or discount on this repeat purchase.

Win Back Your Ghost Customers

Finally, the win-back email sequence is a great way to give your ghost customers one last chance to come into the fold. A few effective win-back email subjects are ‘it’s been a while’, ‘we miss you’ and discount’ which earn opening rates of 27%, 24% and 20% respectively. Experimenting with this form of email marketing campaign is the best way to determine what works for your customers. Incorporating humour into your language and visuals, and providing incentives are always a good strategy to start.

Curating Sustainable First Party Data Strategies

Eloise Ditchfield | Digital Marketing Co-Ordinator

As digital marketing moves towards a privacy-first approach, investing in sustainable and effective first party data strategies is imperative. 

Start by determining your customer objectives and unveiling the best course of action. For example, if you want to drive customer loyalty, then investing in a loyalty program with discounts, redeemable points and personalised offers would be highly effective.

Adopt Enticing Copywriting And Powerful Website Positioning

Location is key, and where you create your opportunity is imperative. Each page on the website could present as an opportunity for a sign-up form. The top sidebar is the most popular location, especially for blogs as it is the first thing people read when they visit. 

If you are doing it as a pop up, make it slightly earlier than the average time visitors spend on the specific page so they don’t miss it. That being said, don’t do it too soon or it might ruin the user experience. When done at the right time – they can generate 40% conversion rates

When it comes to the language, copy is key! For your headline, making sure you emphasise the attractiveness of the offer is highlighted – if it is a free insight you just can’t find anywhere else – state it! Support this with a brief but effective description, an appealing image and a quick form that only asks for the essentials and you’re on your way! 

Not sure what to do for tone of voice? The options are limitless.  If your brand identity is fun and a bit cheeky, then consider adopting a tone of sarcasm, ‘no I don’t want this amazing template’, ‘count. me. in.’ are a few lighthearted copywriting strategies that can make your customers more inclined to click! 
Finally, consider a double opt-in process. The advantage of this is it not only ensures the email address is valid, but reaffirms their interest in signing up to your businesses email list.

Micro Events And Activations To Create Brand Value

Lizzie Robinson | Creative Director

In recent years, micro events have gained popularity as a means of providing personalised brand experiences. This trend has been fueled by the desire to create personalised brand experiences through intimate gatherings, which has become increasingly important in the wake of the post-covid era. 

Originally, these events grew from the digital activations during the pandemic, but they have since evolved to become increasingly important for brands looking to create more meaningful interactions with their clients. According to a recent study by EventTrack, 98% of users felt more inclined to purchase after attending an activation

Experiential marketing through micro events offers a range of benefits. For one, they provide an immersive experience for the brand; allowing prospective customers to fully engage with your product or service with a highly personalized experience. Additionally, they can drive bottom dollar and be offered as part of business-to-business events. Furthermore, micro events offer added value of encouraging user-generated content and digital engagement, making them a valuable content marketing strategy. 
One type of event activation that has gained significant traction in recent years is breathwork. Events focused on teaching conscious breathing increased by +729% since 2021.

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