Lizzie Robinson

Founder and Managing Director of Agency Jean, Lizzie stands at the forefront of brand strategy and art direction. With a passion for creating brands that compel consumers to think, feel, and act, she has mastered the art of bringing visionary ideas to life. Lizzie has worked with brands including, MoveActive, Westin Hotels, Sheraton, BWX Ltd, and GetTimely. Lizzie's hands-on approach with clients ensures that every brand is uniquely crafted to achieve its business objectives through strategic problem-solving, creative communications, and unforgettable marketing experiences.

Flick Hatter

Meet Flick, Agency Jean’s end-to-end brand and marketing manager, focusing closely on brand ideation, verbal identity, and digital strategies. She has unique visions that, when brought to life, injects vitality into every brand. Her full-of-life personality and passion for client conversations ensure a deep connection between brand and story, executing outcomes with intent, influence and impact.

Creative thinkers, storytellers, and strategic problem solvers - building brands with significance. Established in 2013, Agency Jean continuously adapts to the shifting needs and preferences of consumers. With extensive experience in both branding and marketing, we provide solutions to build connections, expand awareness, and boost business outcomes.