BrandingTikTok Creative Tools for Success

TikTok Creative Tools for Success

Fortunately one of the benefits of TikTok as an ‘entertainment’ app is that the company is heavily focused on giving creators big and small the tools to make fun, interesting, interactive content that keeps users engaged. These tools are TikTok centric, but as social media users are increasingly seeking out bite-sized entertainment, taking a ‘TikTok First’ approach and using TikTok insights and tools can be rewarding across other platforms too.

Explore these tools to get data-driven inspiration for your TikTok account.

Trend Discovery

This tool highlights popular hashtags, songs, creators and videos and importantly, can be filtered by location, industry & time. Their popularity may be driven by current events or completely random TikTok trends.

For example, if we look at the 7 days to 09/05/23, we can see that both #coronation and #speaknowtaylorsversion are trending, which syncs up with the two significant historical / pop culture moments of the week.

We recommend filtering by 7 days most of the time because of how fast-paced TikTok is as a platform, but the 30 day filter can also show you if a trend spiked before declining, or is continuing to build.

As we can see below, the #metgala hashtag spiked at the time of the event, but quickly declined afterwards – which is likely to also happen with the above two trends.

Of the four trend discovery tools, the hashtag tool is our favourite, but we encourage exploring the songs, creators and videos for more inspiration.

Keyword Research

This tool reinforces the importance of social SEO and copywriting in general. It allows you to research the top script keywords that resonate with your audience and industry – particularly for ads.

Filter by industry, location, objective and more.

In the results below, we can see that serum is the most popular keyword in the last 7 days for the skincare industry in Australia. However, if we take a closer look – ‘shaver’ is not only in the top 5, it has an 18.38% click-through-rate which means a significantly higher percentage of viewers click on ads relating to this keyword.

Creative Insights

This tool breaks down the creative patterns and insights behind top-performing TikTok ads. Turn it into a checklist and review your content against the statistics.

Top Products

The ‘Top Products’ highlights specific products in the app based on their usage in ads along with all of the statistics associated, including growth. You could use this tool to determine which products in your store you want to post about in any given week.

At the time of researching this tool, the popularity of ‘overalls’ in Australia over the previous 7 days had increased by over 300%!

Top Ads

Ready to explore the world of paid advertising on TikTok? This tool allows you to research top-performing ad creatives in your location and industry. 

The below ads are the top 5 in the cosmetic industry, with the objective of ‘conversions’ and the top 1-20% of likes. 

They can provide inspiration for both organic and ad content on TikTok and beyond.

Our Final Tip

While using these TikTok Creative Centre tools can inspire you to create, they should not be the ‘be all and end all’ of your TikTok strategy. The truth is that to truly uncover what resonates with your audience and will help you build a truly engaged and loyal community, you need to experiment with different content styles, hooks, trends, topics and audios.

If you are fortunate enough to be similar to your own target market (unsurprisingly, this happens quite often when people start a business), then simply spending time on the app to figure out what you like is a good place to start!

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