BrandingA/B Testing Emails, The Power Of DM’s And More

A/B Testing Emails, The Power Of DM’s And More

Press Release Syndication

Lizzie Robinson | Director

Everyone wants to get their brand in front of millions of eyes, garnering positive attention from their target audience and enticing them to want what they’re selling. Nowadays when people think ‘millions of views’ they think of a social media clip that goes viral, or a TV ad aired during prime-time programming. While both of these options are fantastic, one comes down to chance and the other is expensive. There are also plenty of other opportunities for exposure that brands are missing out on.

Our tip? Don’t underestimate the power of public relations. 

Public relations bridges the gap and forges a relationship between brands and their clients by building trust, credibility, and reputability. Through PR we find a way to share your story in a way that the audience can connect with and relate to.

During today’s discovery discussion, Agency Jean explored the different avenues to contact editors and the best methods to actually present an article for publication.

First and foremost, let’s find your editors! Rocketreach.co and Hunter are our first choices to find journalists’ contact information conveniently and efficiently. 

Secondly, narrow it down. Find directly related journalists within your specific niche. 

Editors on average get a minimum of 100 pitches a day via email. That’s right! You will be up against at least another 100 stories. 

So when it comes to writing your article, we recommend you don’t write the article until it gets accepted. Instead, invest your time in writing a brief pitch for submission. 

The ultimate end goal for brands is to be syndicated, by undertaking these steps you can have your brand most favoured to achieve this.

Long-Term Email Strategy: A/B Testing, Personalisation, And Segmentation

Laura Moody | Senior Designer

The forecast for email marketing revenue is estimated to reach almost 11 billion by the end of 2023. Another insight saw 77% of marketers found an increase engagement in email marketing over the last 12 months. It is anticipated that email marketing will continue to grow and be a critical component of marketers’ campaigns. 

What makes email marketing so potent is it directly speaks to your customers in their private inbox, at a time that works for them. 

Today, we spoke about a crucial part of email marketing known as A/B testing. A/B testing, or split testing, is choosing two versions of one email campaign, sending half to test group 1 and half to test group 2. 

From here you monitor and measure what emails performed best. The best part is that there is no limit to what you can experiment with. The subject line, preview text, call-to-action button, visuals, or copy. 

It is so important to regularly test campaigns across platforms to ensure they are producing the most optimal results. No two audiences are the same, and neither should marketing strategies. 

The Power Of DMS

Jemma Giovannucci | Head Of Socials

Speaking of meeting your audience in private, on Instagram alone, people reshare reels nearly 1 billion times a day via direct messaging

This shift is actually present across all social apps, with more people sharing more content with smaller groups of people via direct messaging, as opposed to posting public updates to Facebook or Instagram.

The reasons for this are varied. One perception is that due to the ongoing polarising impacts of political commentary on social networks, people are increasingly inclined to keep their opinions to themselves, or to share them with a smaller group of trusted friends, rather than broadcasting them for everyone to see, criticise, attack and “cancel” them over. Users are also generally more aware of the advertisements being served to them on their feeds, and less likely to trust and interact with that content.

But how does this apply to us as a creative marketing agency managing social media platforms for brands?

When planning for social media, we always consider how the content can be useful/valuable/relatable/entertaining enough for someone to want to refer back to it later or share with a friend. When reporting, ‘private’ metrics such as saves or shares can be a positive indicator of engagement.

Meta is trying to tap into this shift with tap-to-message and similar style ads, however opinion is divided over whether people really care about messaging a business (especially when they know it is tied to an ad).

Where we believe messaging can be most powerful is to build a community and organic engagement, with a mix of automated DM’s and genuine conversations with audiences who in turn will become more inclined to publicly interact with the brand too. 

This is an opportunity for us to collaborate with clients to drive private engagement that leads to customer loyalty and ultimately, conversions.

SEO for Video

Eloise Ditchfield | Digital Marketing Coordinator

Content is king, and adapting your content to the most valuable format is essential for success. When it comes to valuable formats, like most platforms in 2022, Google is said to be prioritising websites that contain video content. 

In fact, it is forecasted that video will constitute 82% of all global internet traffic by the end of 2022, so now is the time to start considering how to implement video content into your SEO strategy.

Easy to digest, quick to watch, and informative videos are valuable for Google. Alongside embedding the video into your website using YouTube (owned by Google), it’s important to apply all appropriate technical SEO attributes and keywords.

What’s Trending in Graphic Design & Illustration

Ainsley Caulfield | Graphic Designer

Industry experts predicted that post-pandemic we would see a new age replica of the roaring 20’s, like after the last major pandemic. This has manifested itself in a world of hyper-colour, fun, and nostalgia. People are looking to break free in the post-pandemic world and experience fun in every aspect of their world. 

This has resulted in a fusion of hypnotic bright colours and nostalgic type references.

Here’s the thing – it doesn’t actually matter what era you are pulling from, what is more, important is that it triggers your target market’s nostalgia.

For example, if you are selling to the 20-30 year-old market, referencing the design styles of y2k and 90’s music posters, cartoons, and pop culture evokes a sense of comfort in the known and fun of their inner child. If you are selling to baby boomers, you might like to focus on the 60s and 70s.

That’s a wrap for this week’s insights into the news and trends surrounding the digital landscape! Tune in next fortnight for another exploration with the team!

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