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Lizzie Robinson

Meet Lizzie Robinson, the Founder and Managing Director of Agency Jean. With over 10 years of running a successful agency, Lizzie shares her stories, how-to’s, and blueprints behind the brands that have failed and those that are dominating their marketplace. Lizzie delivers keynote speeches and educational workshops tailored for small businesses. Her mission is to teach the unspoken strategies, tools, and formulas that branding agencies use for their high-profile clients.

Popular Keynotes

Branding for Success + -

Understanding branding is the formula for accelerated business growth.


Branding goes well beyond a business’s identity. A brand is the heart and soul of a business, and without a brand strategy and a deep understanding of a brand’s DNA, business growth is unlikely.


In this keynote presentation, Lizzie shares the formulas we use at Agency Jean to create an powerful brand strategy that fosters consumer connection, clarity, and confidence.


Have your guests walk away with that ‘ah-ha’ moment and actionable strategies to immediately implement for their brand to be seen, heard, and loved.™





Non-Negotiable Marketing in 2024 + -

Email, SMS, Instagram, TikTok, Threads, Meta Ads, AI - the list is endless and overwhelming when it comes to keeping up with digital marketing.


This keynote presentation is for those feeling lost, overwhelmed, and confused when it comes to effectively marketing their brand. With social media becoming more unreliable and marketing becoming increasingly time-consuming, Lizzie uncovers the most effective marketing strategies to ensure consistent growth in 2024.


Book Lizzie to educate your audience on how to implement non-negotiable marketing approaches used at Agency Jean to break through the online noise.





Leveraging AI Tools for Profits + -

AI often feels like a daunting term, perceived as tech-heavy, masculine, and intimidating to many.


In this keynote, Lizzie aims to break the stigma surrounding AI and its association with a predominantly masculine domain. Lizzie’s mission is to empower women to embrace AI and tech, demonstrating its potential to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in business operations.


This presentation caters to those seeking to save time, cut costs, and enhance their marketing and branding efforts.


When properly understood, AI can become a woman’s greatest partner. The rapidly evolving digital landscape demands that we adapt or risk being left behind.


Boost your profits, trim overheads, and elevate your brand performance through Lizzie’s straightforward AI strategies and tools.





Lizzie is available for keynote speaking, podcasts, panels and workshops.

I believe that successful brands are problem solvers, adept at converting feelings of fear and uncertainty into a sense of belonging and connection. It’s a journey from ambiguity to assurance, where every touchpoint reinforces trust and value.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Loved. ™
Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Loved. ™